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Infant Swimming Club

Club for infants swimming "KREPYSHI" was created in 2012 in Astana. The club appeared after working at the National Center for Maternity and Childhood, a department of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. All exercises are aimed at strengthening muscles and teaching swimming infants. The goal of the team is to build a healthy future in Kazakhstan! We do everything only the best for children

About Infant Swimming

Infants swimming is designed for children from 40 days to 2 years. First of all, infant swimming develops children. Strengthens the muscles, joints and ligaments of the entire body. Teaches swimming in water and long breath holding. An individual exercise complex is selected for each baby, depending on his muscle tone, strengths and weaknesses. Also, classes are a complete substitute for children's massage, since exercises are exercise therapy in water. Babies who engage in infants swimming for 2 months ahead of their peers in development.

Level of professionalism

We started work at the National Scientific Medical Center for Maternity and Childhood, in the department of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Children with different severe pathologies came to see us. We made exercise complexes separately for each baby, together with exercise therapy doctors, pediatricians and exercise therapy instructors. In 2012, we opened the club "Krepyshi". With the first kids we were engaged individually, under the guidance of physical therapy physicians. Then began to lead children with disabilities in groups. Introduced aqua erobic classes for pregnant women and group classes Mom + Baby.

One of the most difficult moments in infants swimming and children's swimming is to establish contact with the child. Especially with children after 6 months, since at this age they will recognize relatives, friends and strangers. To achieve good results, it is important for the trainer to make friends with the baby

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Our address:
Kazakhstan, Almaty city,
Sanatoriums, Therapeutic recreation complex "Okzhetpes".

Email address::info@krepyshi.com

Phone number::+7 777 191 72 32


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